Over the years, I’ve collected links to a number of links to writing groups, fiction sites, and my writing friends’ pages. It seems like it’s getting harder to find these kinds of links in one place, thanks to the proliferation of social media, so here they are for you to browse.

Writing Groups

There are a number of places you can look for writing groups in your local area. You can search Facebook or Meetup for local critique and networking groups in your town. There are also online-only places to hang out with other writers. Some areas have general networking groups where you can just meet up, which is a great way to get publishing tips or put together a small discussion group.

Writer's Workbench

I started an internet writers' group back in November 2001 to try to keep me focused on writing, share ideas with others, and practice writing techniques. Visit the website to read the latest stories and find out more. 

Last updated Autumn 2005 with new stories. Sorry, there hasn’t been much new since then, but there’s still plenty of great content to enjoy!

Writer's Workbench Literary Arts Collection

Groups in Bucks County

Back when we lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, I belonged to a local organization (the Writers Room in Doylestown) that ran peer critique forums, meeting and seminars, and provided general networking for area writers. The original organization is gone, but there are a number of writing groups still around. I found the following groups on Facebook (I don’t know anything specific about them beyond what is in each Facebook About page):

Facebook - Bucks County PA Writers Group

Facebook - Bucks County Writers Workshop - meets in Doylestown, PA

Facebook - Bucks County Writers

Facebook - The Bucks County Writers Room - Author, ghostwriter, and publisher Foster Winans founded the original Writers Room in 1999. This is the same idea, on a smaller scale. 

Groups near the Main Line

I’ve been trying to get familiar with the local writing scene over in Delaware County after moving here recently. Here are some local groups:

Facebook - Main Line Writers Group / Meetup - Main Line Writers / Main Line Writers Group Main Web Site

Facebook - Brandywine Valley Writers Group / Meetup - Brandywine Valley Writers Group / Brandywine Valley Writers Group Main Web Site

Other Groups in Pennsylvania

Facebook - Horror Writers Association, Pennsylvania Chapter

The Writers Coffeehouse

Check out the Writers Coffeehouse, started by Jonathan Maberry. This is a free event, open to everyone. No requirements necessary. It's a bunch of writers sitting around talking about writing... with coffee. No agenda... just chat about the latest trends in the industry, about markets, about pitching and selling, about frustration, about keeping the inner fires alight, about dealing with our families, about how damn tough it is to make it as a writer at the best of times and what writers can do to stay afloat in these troubled economic waters. No previous publishing experience necessary... the Writers Coffeehouse attracts everyone from absolute beginner to award-winners and bestsellers. We're all writers. Join the free online community.

Facebook Group - The Writers Coffeehouse

San Diego Writers Coffeehouse

Writers’ Pages

In no particular order...

Jonathan Maberry’s Official Website. For the latest information on Jonathan's recent publications, readings & signings, workshops, upcoming works, excerpts, contests, giveaways, and more.

P.G.K. Hanson - The Egyptian Enigma. He's a 12-year-old boy with a 4,000-year-old secret. Okie Smith guards an ancient Egyptian tablet hidden in his bedroom wall - and someone else wants it. The secret of the stone draws Okie into a deadly mystery only he can solve. Come join the adventure!

Kerry Gans. Author site for Kerry Gans - primarily fantasy and science fiction. Writing services also available. Also read her blog, The Goose's Quill. I loved her fun book, The Witch of Zal, sort of a sci fi version of the Wizard of Oz. Can’t wait for the sequel!

Emily Rose Cole’s Poetry. Emily Rose Cole is a poet, lyricist, folklore enthusiast, and disability advocate originally from Emmaus, Pennsylvania. She’s also the daughter of a friend, and she is the most amazing poet and musician! I still remember mentoring her when she was a teenager.

Daybreak. Music and lyrics. Daybreak is a wonderful folk band including my friend Cliff Cole. They play locally in Lehigh and Bucks Counties area, if you have a chance to check them out sometime.

Runaway Logic. A blog with a fun mixture of satire, humor, and analysis of logical fallacies.

Prisms. Archive of Prisms published by Mira Loma High School’s Literary Arts Club, republished on the Mira Loma and Friends Alumni Page

Memory Writers Network. Memory Writers Network, Blog by Jerry Waxler. Many essays and interviews to help you read and write memoirs.

Wild River Review. Connecting people, places, and ideas: Story by Story. Joy Stocke, editor-in-chief.

Pages by Chirag Patel. 'RutMandal' implies collection of universal laws. Assorted blogs, technical articles, poems, etc. Namaste!

Heinz Trucking. A meeting place for friends and family. Mike Heinz' blog.

Lance Gilliland's Blog. Personal blog about family and life.

The Philly Liars Club. A Blog by People Who Lie for a Living. (Sorry, link appears to be dead, but I’ll leave it up for a while in case it comes back.)

Don Lafferty's Site. Practical social media strategies and tactics for connecting with your public.

Adrienne Redd's Blog. Read essays about the nation-state.

The Jellybean Connection. Personalized books and gifts. Linda Evan's business/writing site.

Lucy's Electric Bubblegum Sing-Along Blog. Entertaining blog by a very young person named Lucy Perry.

Tiffany Schmidt's Blog. A YA author from my local peer critique group a few years back. Nice to see all those books published!

Richard P Weiss. A sci fi novelist, also from my local peer critique group a few years back. Check out his first book, The Metamorphosis of Timothy Dunn.

Kerry L. Marzock, Author of: "Raven's Way" and "Raven's Rage - Order of the Claw." Also check out Kmarzock714's Blog.

Lani Pratt's Blog. Where dreams begin...

Did I miss you? I only add people I know personally. Please contact me if you want to be added to this links page.

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